Meet the most delicious and scrumptious Brazilian treat: “Brigadeiro” (bree.ga.day.row).


Brigadeiro’s sweet texture is halfway between truffle and fudge. The first bite is unique, it melts in your mouth.


Chocolate, coffee, coconut, key lime or passion fruit – it is an explosion of flavor!

It’s not a truffle. It’s not fudge. It’s Brigadeiro!

Samba Gourmet is proud to bring to the U.S. the most famous and delightful Brazilian bonbon. We recreated and enhanced a traditional simple recipe and turned the Brigadeiro into an exquisite gourmet product....

Lick your finger.

Brigadeiros are rich, creamy, delightful and decadent. Once you try it, you will never forget it....

The Brigadeiro Family

Celebrating our chocolate obsession... Lick your finger and enjoy the delightful taste of our brigadeiro.

Fruity, fruit, fruit! Sweet and healthy at the same time! Just perfect.

Be part of our growing distributors. Join us in cherishing our chocolate madness.

We also have seasonal brigadeiro flavors, such as wasabi and cinnamon. These are special order only. Contact us for details.