This is the most delicious Brazilian bonbon: Brigadeiro (bree.ga.day.row)


Brigadeiro’s sweet texture is halfway between truffle and fudge. The first bite is unique, it melts in your mouth.

It’s not a truffle. It’s not fudge. It’s Brigadeiro!®

Samba Gourmet is proud to bring to the U.S. the most famous Brazilian truffle. We recreated and enhanced a traditional simple recipe and turned the Brigadeiro into an exquisite gourmet product....

Totally new!

        Brigadeiros have it all: soft, rich and creamy. Once you try it, you will never forget it....

We won our first prize in the U.S.! A bronze medal on “Top Luxury Caramel” in the Best Chocolatiers & Confectioners in America Awards!

Samba Gourmet Sweets is owned 100% by women. We are proud to be certified as a "Women Business Enterprise" (WBE) by NWBOC.

The original brigadeiro® is made with no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no high fructose corn syrup. It's all natural goodness!

We are the first brigadeiro B2B corporation in America. Enjoy our products locally in South Florida and country-wide at www.amazon.com